Monday, January 02, 2006


The power behind this whole Internet thingy is that it can draw on the decentralized intelligence of its users.

So do, gentle reader, feel free to post comments to any of the posts. Only then will this cease to be "my blog" and become "our blog." Or better yet, "our multi-million user web portal." Or even better yet, some form of online community that is crazy lucrative.

I have also enjoyed the personal emails this site has generated, and those are great too. But if you want to share a reaction that others might find interesting as well, try posting a comment.

UPDATE: Apparently, I had Blogger set to "enable comment moderation." I just wanted to be enabled, but it meant that comments weren't published without my direct affirmation. That's fixed now.


At 8:04 PM, Anonymous stayathomebutgoforwalks said...

Dad, you are a revolutionary. Dont forget that through all the challenges and tough times, you are the vanguard in the true feminist revolution, not the one that just liberates women from predefined roles, but that liberates all of us to be who we can really be. The world needs to be made up of more people like you, willing to be present and breath in all these experiences. More love and more peace and more understanding are guaranteed to follow.


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