Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Planes and Things

In addition to construction equipment, the Boy is into helicopters and planes. When he hears one, he looks up. And just as we are fortunate to have an active construction site at the end of our block to indulge his curiousity in that aspect, we are lucky to live near the helicopter flightpath to the nearby hospital.

Today, the Monkey Mama and I showed the Boy his first Richard Scarry book. Richard Scarry [warning: link contains profanity] rocks! The Boy is fascinated by the rich detail, cute pictures, excavation equipment and flying machines, and situations that are evidently frought ("Oh no! Lowly Worm has lost control of the steamroller!") And as the Monkey Mama was pointing out a picture of an airplane in the book, prompting the Monkey to produce his idiosyncratic sign language for it, we heard the sound of a plane going by.

Yesterday and this morning, I brought the Boy by the nascent construction site. I was trying to catch them in the process of erecting the big crane. Apparently, that's a job requiring more thoughtful consideration than either of us have the attention span for. But I looked down the street this afternoon and saw the big red crane up and running.


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