Thursday, December 08, 2005

Clean up in Aisle Four

The Boy and I are getting together with regard to feeding. I think the first couple of days he missed his mama. But he's adapting to the new situation with aplomb. And hunger.

Which brings us to spit up.

Question: The Monkey spits up. It gets on his face and onesie, but also on your shirt, your pants, and the rug. In what order to you clean up?

(a) face
(b) onesie
(c) shirt
(d) pants
(e) rug

Answer: a-d-e-c-b

Discussion: Do the face (a) first, so that you aren't cleaning it up later with a dirty rag. The rug (e) is hardest to clean, but the pants (d) are corduroy, so do them next. Then your shirt (c) and his onesie (b), although they're both a lost cause at this point.

That's the theory, anyway. In practice, I usually start with the floor and work my way back up to the source (a), just as if I were cleaning up a beverage that had spilled from the counter and dribbled down the cabinet face.

Also: You missed the spitup on his trousers (f) and the dog (g).


At 10:06 AM, Anonymous Mark said...

Hi, Daddy,
Hope you and the primate are doing well today. We have an eleven-month-old, and we know what you are going through, especially my wife, who is at home (but I can sympathize with the difficulty-sleeping-with-a-baby-pulling at-your-ears-thing). We live in the same neighborhood, which is how I came to read this - it's good to know others close by are having the same experience.

Hang in there - it actually goes by faster than you think.

Much love to you and your wife (and the monkey).


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