Tuesday, January 10, 2006


I could bore you all with the finer points of installing a hardwood floor, but you don't really want to read that. (If you do, almost everything you need to know is at this suprisingly informative site.)

I enjoy the design and planning of large home projects, and I enjoy learning tricks of the trade as I go. Sometimes I even surprise myself on how many tricks I know, even for jobs I've never done! (Three tips for cutting plugs in hardwood without a drill press: (1) drill from the back towards the finish side to prevent marring the face when the drill jumps; (2) drill into a piece of scrap to prevent tearout; (3) drill backwards for a few spins to establish a groove, then drill forwards in the groove and your drill won't jump.)

What I don't enjoy is the actual labor. My hands feel like hamburger, and my neck burns. I should have worn my hearing protection more, with the pneumatic floor nailer going off in my ear all day (for four days).

I am pleased with my level of craftsmanship, and I have cut no corners.

But it hurts.


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