Saturday, February 11, 2006

Well, That Was Exciting

Since Wednesday or so, I have been "on call": a neighbor in one of the playgroups I go to with the Monkey was pregnant again, and needed someone to take care of her two daughters while she was at the birthing center. Today was the blessed event.

It worked out pretty well. She called and gave me a heads up around 10:30am or so, and her husband called back around noon, so I took the Monkey with me and walked over.

It was a little hectic, what with three kids and just little ol' me. I was suspicious when the older sister said it was time for ice cream, but I complied. She was also a little less than accurate about her younger sister's need for a nap. (The younger one was actually hungry, so I improvised a grilled cheese sandwich.) I held down the fort for a few hours, and eventually the Monkey Mama came over to help out, and shortly thereafter our neighbor's mother arrived on the train from New Jersey. With their grandmother there to take care of the girls, our little family walked home in the snow.

It's a girl.


At 12:27 PM, Anonymous je said...

An improvised grilled cheese sandwich, eh? That sounds both exciting and delicious.


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