Thursday, January 26, 2006


It's very cute when the Monkey feeds himself.

He begins to wake up, so I head downstairs to heat water to warm the bottle. Then it's back upstairs to pick up the Monkey and change his diaper, and then off to the red rocking chair. Tonight is a special night in that the Monkey is congested and teething. So I take out the snotsucker and liberate his nostrils. Then I give him some infant Tylenol.

By this time the bottle is warm, so I offer it to him. Tonight, he uses both hands to hold it up to his own mouth, and pulls the milk with steady suction. Usually, he grabs the bottle or bats it away, but tonight his little hands are prehensile and still. As he grows content, the bottle starts to sag and I prop it up a little to keep the bell of the nipple full of milk and not burpy air. It seems like my thumb is bigger than both of his hands put together.

I burp him, rock him, and bring him to his crib.

G'night, Monkey.


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