Friday, March 10, 2006

Crazy Days

Today I hosted playgroup. I was worried that gaps in the childproofing of my home would lead to catastrophe. (They did not.) And since two of the mothers have newborns in addition to their regular playgroup participants, the parents were outnumbered. But it was OK: those are some sweet kids.

Then we took the Monkey for his 9-month well baby check-up. He is well. Among other things, we got a list of new foods he can eat, which ought to double the variety in his diet. (And he took a couple of vaccinations like a champ. But I hate to hear him cry, for any reason.)

And next week, the Monkey Mama leaves us alone for three days and three nights. Our pediatrician says that the absence might be hardest on the Monkey Mama, and might result in newfound resilience and resourcefulness on the part of the Monkey.

We shall see.


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