Friday, March 17, 2006

Grow up

A few readers have noticed that the "economist" self-identification occurs throughout this blog, but rarely in the substance of the posts. What can I tell you? Parenting is engrossing.

But tomorrow I will put on some grown-up clothes and attend a briefing to some government officials about a recently released report on which I am a co-author. Unfortunately, I won't play a significant role in the briefing itself: I like to give briefings and make presentations. But with my obligations at home, I have found it nearly impossible to make a contribution. Normally, my colleague and I would split the presentation (as we have done in the past) but this time I don't have the time to dovetail the different parts of the presentation...let alone time to prepare my part.

Anyway, my colleague gives very good presentations, so I am reassured. And it will be interesting to see what questions the higher-ups ask, and what they think of our report.


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