Sunday, March 26, 2006

So much missed

We had a couple over for dinner tonight, a coworker of the Monkey Mama and her husband. She is a blog reader, and appreciates the attention to the sensory existence of the Monkey (and his Daddy).

It made me reflect on what I am blogging. I try to give this blog some of my relfections on what it means to be a stay-at-home parent -- a stay-at-home dad at that, a stay-at-home-economist dad on top of that -- for this little Monkey. But so much of life goes unblogged.

For instance: what does it mean to be the only dad among the playgroup parents? How do I perceive playgroups differently because of that? How do I feel about being closer to returning to work (12 weeks away) than embarking on this adventure (14 weeks gone)? How is it to be a winter dad, and how is it to be a spring dad? Will I ever get a chance to exercise?

I try to blog a lot. But there is lot that I don't blog about.


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