Sunday, April 02, 2006

Peak Cherry Blossoms

Some friends returned to DC for the weekend, and we enjoyed hanging out with them. Saturday, we made it down to the Mall on a beautiful, warm, breezy day to look at the cherry blossoms.

They were at peak. I've never seen them like that: barely a petal had fallen to the ground, and barely a bud remained unbloomed.

For a brief, shining second I got to stand under a tree and look up at sunlight filtered through a cloud of cherry blossoms.

But then the reality of the situation intruded: the Monkey was beyond the end of his rope, and his Mama and I had to part with our friends and hoof it back to the car.

It was worth it for that one moment, though.

The Shadblow Serviceberry in our backyard is doing pretty well, too: bloomed yesterday, and should peak in a few more days. Then, edible berries and green leaves. Then brilliant foliage. And by then, I'll be back at work full time.


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