Monday, December 01, 2008

Christmas Cheer: Greed, Lust, or Gluttony?

Boom was watching the Patriots game with me last night, and one of the commercials was about kids ecstatically tearing off wrapping paper under Christmas trees to fulfill their greatest holiday wishes. Rip! Squeal! Tear! Glee! Over and over again. Nico's mouth was agape.
He doesn't see a lot of commercials on PBS, especially not these kind.  They're the best Madison Ave. can come up with, on the most important retail event on the calendar.  And they were working.  
So I said, "What are you watching?" And he knew he was busted right away.  He got all embarrassed and started jumping up and down and laughing. He was totally lost in a Christmas fantasy...and there was sin in his heart.

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