Saturday, December 10, 2005

Today's Outing(s)

An hour walk to Rock Creek Church Cemetary (I did not know that the inventor of Wonderbread was buried there) to throw a stick for the dog. The cemetary is absolutely beautiful in every season, but especially covered in snow. I pinched a sprig of holly for our Xmas decorations. The Monkey slept nearly the whole walk...a pretty good nap.

Then off to Mommy(?!) & Me Yoga at Yogahouse, the new studio that opened up in Petworth. Monkey Mama has gone to that class several times, but the instructor was attending a funeral and had cancelled class. But instead I had a delightful conversation with the studio owner, who already knew the Monkey.

I felt like I hit my stride today. The Monkey was fed, rested, and freshly diapered for our very punctual arrival for the 1pm yoga class. (Pity it was cancelled.) Afterwards, I fed him another bottle, a lot of sweet potato, and got him asleep for a long nap. His needs were met. Then I picked up the house, unloaded the dishwasher, and folded a basket of laundry. I cracked a celebratory beer and took a pull.

Then the Monkey woke up, wailing.


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