Thursday, January 12, 2006

Bon Voyage

My parents left this morning, to resume their travels sailing around the world. (Their boat is in Turkey at the moment. Perhaps they should blog...) It was a great visit, and I am glad that they got a chance to experience the Monkey as he turned 7 months.

And of course they made amazing contributions to the hardwood flooring project, either helping to lay it or taking care of the Monkey whilst I toiled. We got 13 boxes of floor laid (260 s.f.), with perhaps another 10 boxes (200 s.f.) to go.

Both of these things are great.

Put a post script to anyone reading this blog on Friday: Now that my folks are gone, I could sure use some help laying some floor! If you have a couple of free hours after the Monkey Mama gets home from work (say, 5ish?) I would love to spend it using the pneumatic floor nailer with you!


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