Thursday, January 12, 2006

Free Hockey Tickets

So my neighbor comes by with two free hockey tickets to tonight's Capitals game. And I can't go. Even if I weren't working on hardwood flooring -- and hustling to complete what I can in a narrow timeframe -- I have responsibilities at home and family members to connect with (my visiting parents, not to mention my wife and son).

In a similar vein, the weather has been great here lately: more like April than January. And I enjoy it more than I would if I were stuck behind a desk during the daylight hours. But let's just say that the right time for kayaking hasn't come along since the baby was born. (Even just for a park'n'play splash on the Potomac. Oops, sorry, wrong picture.)

These are the responsibilities I have chosen. And I am confident that I have chosen wisely. Being a stay-at-home dad probably carries more than a typical amount, and I have not the faintest glimmer of regret about choosing that path.

I'm just saying: free hockey tickets.


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