Sunday, February 12, 2006


We got a respectable dumping last night. It started at about 7pm last night, and was still snowing at 6am when I brought the Boy downstairs so that the Monkey Mama could sleep. Call it 8 inches on the ground.

Our neighborhood always looks its best in the snow. All the row houses were built approximately 1900-1925, back when they new how to create architectural ornamentation. The snow settles on these little moldings, cornices, and shadow lines, and really sets them off. That goes double for the churches. Also, the traffic circles, triangular parks, and other open spaces really stand out. Plus, the snow covers up all the trash in the streets.

Brunch at our neighbors, as soon as the Boy is up from his nap. Then maybe a romp with the dog through the cemetary. I'll bring the video camera.


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