Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Art Museum

It had been a while since the Monkey and I had been down to the Mall. And it was a nice day. So after making a few batches of monkey chow (a week's worth of quinoa and yellow squash), down to the Mall we went.

We walked through the Hirschorn sculpture garden, pausing at the fun fountain to take off a layer or two and replenish fluids. The Monkey was entranced by the water -- of course -- but also by the other kids running around. (It's been forever since the Monkey got to play with someone of his own size; playgroup mothers of Petworth...where are you?)

Then past some Rodin sculptures, that the Monkey seemed to take in. And then into the Hirschorn itself. The color field paintings and some of the funky scultpures were captivating. I kept taking the Monkey around and around a Giacometti bust called Diego that had an odd trick of being a 2-dimensional profile from every angle...and yet was recognizable representative scultpure.

The third floor had a large, carpeted room with plate glass windows overlooking a northern exposure onto the Mall. And it had a giant, colorful wall. Since the Monkey was crawling around anyway, unkinking himself from too long in the carrier, I took the opportunity to shoot some very cute pictures with the wall as backdrop.


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