Tuesday, April 04, 2006

New Toys!

Some new toys came today, from the Rosie Hippo catalog: a set of 6 rainbow colored nesting bowls, and a thing called hammer balls that is much more fun than it sounds.

The Monkey has been getting his crawl on, and he's very interested in exploring new areas. My thought was that a few new toys might keep his interest in one room for a little while longer. Also, with his (pre-verbal) language acquisition and generally increasing dexterity and awareness, I thought he might be up for some new colors, shapes, and textures. That, and the tax refund reflecting our Child Tax Credit just came in, and I thought it was fair that the Monkey should get at least a cut.

The delivery -- and the dogs barking -- woke him from a nap, so having a few new toys came in pretty handy.


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