Wednesday, April 26, 2006

The Wheels on the Bus Go SCREEECH!

The Monkey has a favorite CD: Songs That Go. It was a gift from his (great) Aunt Julie, and it comes with a colorfully illustrated book that has held up quite well. When I ripped it to mp3s, I was surprised to learn that each track averages 1 minute 20 seconds. On reflection, that seems about right.

The first song is far and away his favorite. It is a peppily arranged version of "The Wheels on Bus." (For those readers not familiar with the song, the wheels on the bus go round and round.) As soon as I put on the CD, the Monkey breaks out a smile and wants to dance. That CD has helped me out of numerous jams.

Unfortunately, the alarm clock/CD player in the nursery has a nasty habit of playing that CD at the stroke of midnight. Something to do with some awkwardly placed alarm buttons and an alarm that resets to 12:00 every time the Monkey is quicker to unplug the clock than I am to stop him.

There's nothing quite like giving the Monkey a late night bottle, getting him back into bed...and hearing "The Wheels on the Bus" blaring out of every baby monitor in the house.


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