Wednesday, June 14, 2006

First Day Back

The first day back went pretty well. I got in early, spent my time working, and then took off at a reasonable hour. I am still looking for the project (or projects) that I want to lead with, but I will meet with my boss Friday to go further on that.

Actually, the news from work is pretty good. Not only did I get a year-end bonus and a promotion during my absence, I got a sizeable cash award. Is this a good gig or what? I guess one way to understand it is that rewards lag performance. I will have to hustle to make up for the donut-hole in my performance that was the last six months.

I used to get in late and eat lunch at my desk to make up for lost time -- now I wake up early, make myself lunch, and leave earlyish to see the Monkey. Just like a grown up. During lunch, I walked around Dupont Circle and bought a new bike helmet. I saw this group of young adults with "Youth Leadership Council" buttons asking for directions. They were lost.

And that is why I do not follow youth leadership.


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