Sunday, August 13, 2006

Like A Stack of Old Newspapers

I remember picking up the habit of reading a daily newspaper my freshman year of college. I would have an early class, then get some coffee and a biscuit and gravy (it was the South) and read the paper. I didn't have a subscription, so I would just buy the newspaper at the newsstand.

One day I bought the paper, but either I found a friend to talk to or I had to study for something, and I never read the paper. I brought it back to my dorm room, intending to read it later. I found it a few days later, and opened it up to read it... and then realized it was old, perishable, out-of-date.

Life has been busy lately: too busy to blog. And I find that some really great ideas I had for blog entries are no longer "of the moment."

I suppose it's the blogger's lament: not enough time to post, and then the ideas for posts -- not to mention the memories of the events themselves -- seem to slip away.


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