Thursday, August 03, 2006

Porchblogging: Rebar edition

The Point of Whoa is past, and construction has begun. A concrete footer has been laid, and rebar pokes out of it approximately 24" o.c. (or every third planned cinder block void), and more frequently on the corners.

It's pretty official looking, and the rebar in the corner is set several feet into the earth. These guys aren't joking around: they're doing the job right. (I wish I had known they were going to this much trouble before I submitted my plans. Oy.)

The dog, as always, looks concerned.

Here are two shots of the underporch drainage system. A drain at the foot of the steps and another drain on the face of the main slab meet at a "Y" into an existing drain. (There is another existing drain -- not visible in the photos at the bottom landing. I guess that one is for draining my basement from the inside out the next time the neighbor's water main breaks.)

Incidentally, I'm proud to say that if you google "porchblogging," this site comes up first.

Just wait until the porch is finished and I can drink a gin & tonic on it. Then the porch blogging will begin in earnest.


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