Saturday, September 23, 2006

What is wrong with me?

I spent most of this morning (Saturday) at the DC Department of Consumer and Regulatory Affairs trying to get a building permit AND at the DC Department of Motor Vehicles trying to get our car through inspection.

Why did I decide to ruin my day right out of the box?

The permit was damned from the beginning. Apparently some guy named "Tony" didn't do his job, and didn't show up for work today. Incidentally, Tony is a big fat guy who is friendly, but narrow-minded. Yesterday, Tony said he would get to my permit by the end of the day. He lies. That's what's wrong with the people at DCRA: they lie. They all lie.

The car inspection thing was ridiculous. We just had our car serviced for its 60,000 mile check up. But the front brakes were apparently "uneven" so we failed. So I got back in line, and then it passed. The people there were very friendly. They were happy when my second effort made a mockery of their inspection.

The DMV...what can you say?


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