Saturday, February 24, 2007

Hiatus hiatus

The lack of recent posting fulfills my prediction that returning to work would reduce the time I have for blogging.

Soon the Monkey Mama and I will embark on a new adventure: siblings. She has just started her second trimester. We don't know if Baby August will be a Leo or a Virgo; it's all about timing.

Anyway, we heard Baby August's heartbeat for the first time earlier this week: 152 beats per minute, strong and steady as a metronome. We're aiming to have another home birth.

Good times.



At 4:08 PM, Anonymous Rachel said...

Congratulations! Hope all is well with you guys -- I've checked out your blog every now and again -- glad to see it's up and running again. We flew the DC coop and are living in Oregon! Nice times here...our little guy is growing so fast too. aren't they great?? Hi to Cheri and "the monkey!"
-- Rachel Bucci


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