Sunday, June 24, 2007


So we're down to about 8 weeks until Baby August is born.

The backyard has been successfully transformed. But now it is time to turn inward, to renew the inner core of the family, to transform ourselves intrinsically.

Long story short: I painted the nursery. I finished Saturday afternoon while the Monkey napped.

The Monkey Mama was out getting a pedicure with a girlfriend. Except they didn't get pedicures, they got lunch instead. Which means they might have rescheduled their pedicure date. Oh well.

This is part of a pattern lately, where I try to make time for the Monkey Mama to sleep in, go swimming, attend yoga practice, meet girlfriends, or work late at the office. Sure, it means shouldering a little more of the parenting burden. But here's the reality: things are about to get unreal for the Monkey Mama. She is about to re-enter the land of the 24 hour day. She is going to have to metabolize an extra 500 calories a day...or be depleted by nursing. She is going to have an attention-seeking older child to engage. I can spot her a few weekends of breathing room.

Another transformation: we ordered some wall-to-wall carpeting for the kids' (!) rooms. The wood floors are 100 years old and showing it; the carpet should make floor time a little more comfortable. For me. The carpet is wool, so there are fewer nasty chemicals offgassing, a longer useful life, and a more sustainable presence in the landfill to which it is ultimately destined.

Another transformation: the Big Boy Bed is in position. The safety rails didn't come yet, so the mattress (natural latex foam) is on the floor. But the bedframe is in the basement, waiting to be assembled.

The crib is disassembled and waiting for the new carpet, the new room, and the new baby.


At 3:22 PM, Anonymous Steven said...

Hmm, I had somehow tricked myself into thinking this post would be about the new Michael Bay directed Transformers movie.

Turns out it was much more exciting (especially given what I've read about said cinematic offering).

Always glad to read about the goings-on, good doctor...


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