Sunday, May 20, 2007

Porchblogging: Victory, Sweet (Hollow) Victory

I finished paving the walkway today. It looks great. Victory! In the game of Man vs. Nature, we're scoring it 1-0 at the end of the weekend.

This victory was a bit fleeting however. We had hoped to lay out some sod, and presto! instant backyard. And in fact I fertilized the ground and raked out some clay-busting soil amendments. But before I went to the trouble of renting a rototiller and lawn roller, I checked to see if Home Depot had any sod in stock. No dice. I let my fingers do the walking to two other stores, showed up at a local nursery, and eventually found some sod at Lowe's. But it was so picked over and dried out, and only came in small 2 sq ft "tiles" (instead of nice, long rolls) that I didn't even bother.

I did the bulk of the work Saturday, working hard from about 8am to 4pm. The Monkey Mama was in charge of the Monkey nearly all day, until her massage in the afternoon. This morning, I felt like I had been in a car accident: very sore.

So maybe the actual score should stand as 1-1.



At 10:59 AM, Anonymous Tim said...

Hey, try grass seed. It's cheap and it will grow in pretty quickly IF you keep it watered. I just did it for some large areas in the back garden and it's growing in rather nicely. Sod has to be kept watered as well and once you put it down you really shouldn't walk on it till it has rooted into the soil...which can take weeks. Just an idea. By the way, I tried some homeopathic medicine for my insomnia...didn't work at all. Rock on.

At 2:08 PM, Anonymous k said...

Johnson's over off Wisconsin usually has sod if you really want to go the sod route. We've been debating what to do with our back now that we have sledgehammered out about 394 pounds of concrete (well, almost all of it) and I have to say, the sod some neighbors put down a few weeks ago looks pretty great. I seeded patches in our front yard and that is working, too, although I don't know it would do well for us in huge areas.


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