Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Little Hammers?

Our pediatrician is an MD, but she is also a credentialed homeopathist. The Monkey Mama and I learn a bit about homeopathy theory and applications. As nearly as I can tell, the theory is that if the body is suffering from an ailment, giving the body a miniscule amount of medicine that exacerbates the condition is enough to kick-start the body's normal processes that enable it to revert to normal, thus harnessing the body's ability to heal itself. After all, the root words of homeopathy mean "same as the disease." This is in contravention to normal medical practice, where treatments tend to combat the ailment.

So in practice, vaccination might be a paradigmatic homeopathic remedy, while antibiotics stand in for normal medicine. (Of course, vaccination is part and parcel of modern scientific medicine too.)

So here's my ailment: in the course of laying out the walkway in the backyard, I pounded the knuckles of my left hand with a 4-pound sledgehammer.

Is the homeopathic remedy to tap my knuckle with a tiny hammer?

Unless a homeopath leaves me a comment saying I should, I'm not going to try it.



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