Monday, January 28, 2008

New Deal

I am considering a New Deal for pseudonyms on this blog.

For those just joining us, the cast of characters has been:

Me: Monkey Daddy
Wife: Monkey Mama
Son: Monkey

Then our daughter was born. I canvassed the World Wide Web for a nickname for her, but thought all along that "Little One" would suit.

...But the "Little One" herself is quite physically robust, and the name seems demeaning in its way.
...And "Monkey Mama" does not span the full set of her activities, as she is Mama to more than one Monkey. (And an extraordinary one at that).
...And now that the "Monkey" has learned to talk, I am considering going a new direction with that nickname. (Also, he adopts the personae of so many different animals in any given day, it's hard to keep track.)

Proposed new pseudonyms:

Me: Still "Monkey Daddy", but with the "Monkey" referring to my own quirks rather than the antecedent being our firstborn
Wife: "Ma Chere"
Son: ???
Daughter: ???

Everything is wide open.


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