Saturday, January 31, 2009

Our 'ting

Ma Chere and I often sound like mobsters talking on a tapped line.

The problem we are trying to get around is the children's impatience--if you mention you're going somewhere, you'd better be ready to head out the door. So instead of "Are you going to the park with the kids?" It's "Are you going to to do the thing?"

Of course, we also try to avoid crushing expectations as well. So when we belatedly realized we wouldn't make it to an Asian New Year party, with its promise of tasty foods and sweets for Boom, it was "Are we going to see our friend?"
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At 5:02 PM, Anonymous choosydad said...

We do the same thing - particularly with "special occasions" in which we plan on taking the kids out somewhere. We live in a tourist town that is very seasonal, so we have to wait until we are at our destination before we reveal our plan. Otherwise, we sometimes pull up and discover that the owners decided to close for the day without notice. And the last thing you want is to promise a day at a park, and then have to explain why the gate is closed when you get there. We've tried calling first, but even that isn't guaranteed.


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