Monday, December 12, 2005

Holiday Fracas

We took the Monkey to his first holiday party last night. We knew it would violate his hard-won sleep schedule, but we gave it a shot anyway. It was a great gathering, very friendly hosts. In the "small world" department, I was surprised and delighted to see a friend with whom I go back to high school, and to meet his wife and daughter.

The Monkey did fine in the early goings, when there were about 10 people in the house and the hour was not too dissimilar from bedtime. As more guests arrived and the party gained a sociable hum, the Monkey was displeased and let us know it. I took him upstairs, but he was not to be soothed. Monkey Mama had no luck either.

So we left in a hurry. The baby carrier around my waist knocked a wineglass off a table and broke it. The sound of breaking glass on top of the wailing baby and the rushed departure...yikes. I felt like a spaz, overmatched as a parent.

We pushed our boundaries. The Monkey pushed back. I am sure this will be a recurring theme.


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