Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Thermostat Weather

Let me just jubilate for a second about the perfect weather we've been having. Temperatures right in the 68-72 range -- right where you would set your thermostat if you weren't worried about the price of natural gas or the cost of electricity. And there always seems to be a sweet, mild breeze blowing through.

I took the Boy down to the Mall today to enjoy the fine weather. We walked along the Potomac for a while, checking out the ducks and the low-flying jets landing at National. Every five minutes or so, large jets would barrel down the Potomac and then bank sharply right over the Theodore Roosevelt Bridge. The Boy was impressed.

Then we walked around behind the FDR monument to eat a picnic under the foot of the Jefferson Monument. We didn't go in to the FDR this time because I brought the dog with us, but I could still show the Boy one of the big fountains through a grate. The dog needed all the water I brought, and I didn't bring anything for myself to eat, but the boy ate well. (The last time we tried eating outdoors, it didn't go so well.)

Next time, I might leave the dog at home.


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