Thursday, May 04, 2006

Watch the Birdie

The Monkey has a mobile of painted carboard birds that hovers over his crib. Occasionally, when the Monkey Mama or I takes him out of the crib, we hold him there and blow on the birds to spin them around. Now the Monkey is imitating us.

Only he is still working on the finer points. For one, he doesn't purse his lips to blow so much as make an opening in the corner of his mouth. (It looks kind of like where Popeye would put his pipe.) And for another, he inhales sharply rather than blowing out.

He gives it everything he's got, though. Cute li'l Monkey.

In a previous post I've already mentioned the bamboo-and-coconut wind chime out the back door. File that in the same "Things That Hang Down that I Love to Play With" category. Today he gave that thing the biggest rattling it's ever received.


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