Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Clark Kent

A secretary in my office was grabbing a smoke once, on the loading dock near where I keep my bike during the work day. I rolled in on my bike wearing my helmet, shades, backpack, reflectors, and a white t-shirt. I locked my bike and helmet in the bike room, took off my shades, and put on my button-down shirt.

The secretary said, "You went in as Superman, and came out as Clark Kent."

That's more or less the way I feel about returning to work. Home with the Boy, I am Superman. Back as an economist, I'm Clark Kent.

Oh well. Somebody's got to get the Daily Planet published on time.

And on a bicycle-related note:

If you know anyone who drives a hybrid electric car with Virginia license plates "7959CF" tell them to GO TO HELL. His lane was blocked by a bus, so he thought he would merge into mine...through me. I yelled at him to his attention, and then he did all kinds of histrionics. He even rode up onto my front wheel. The driver of this car is fortunate that my opinion of the DCPD is so low that I didn't file a report.


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