Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Porchblogging, Day Four

Staying home on Tuesday and observing the work in progress, I got the shakes. The technology being used to excavate 10 feet by 20 feet by 3 1/2 feet of heavy wet clay soil is the following:

One dude, one shovel, one wheelbarrow.

And because it was a Code Orange heat advisory kind of day, there was one gallon of water.

For Day Four, they scaled it up to two workers and two shovels per wheelbarrow. And they have pretty much finished it. Only the stairs to go.

The dog is even more concerned than she looks in this photo. I think she realized that the project has reached the "Point of 'Whoa'". That's the point at which you say "Whoa," and start thinking about how to do less demolition and more construction. Every project has a Point of Whoa. I'm glad I can just shut my eyes for another day or two and we will be on our back from the Point.

700 cubic feet of dirt makes an impressive pile, no? I just hope they take it away before Friday...trash day. How else am I going to get my trash and recycling through the gate?


At 10:15 AM, Anonymous Adam said...

Poor Nonny! Photo really captures the anxiety, perhaps even the owner's, too. As for the earlier econ stuff... the blog's title offers fair warning, I think.


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