Monday, July 10, 2006

Unleash the Dragoons!

Although not wishing to date myself -- owing to Internet privacy concerns rather than modesty -- I can't help but pass along this information. Using this link, you can look up the #1 single and #1 album the day you were born.

And the #1 single was..."Amazing Grace," by The Pipes & Drums & Military Band of The Royal Scots Dragoon Guards. Surreal. Bagpipes were the #1 single the day I was born.

The #1 album: "Machine Head," by Deep Purple. (Includes "Smoke on the Water" and "Space Truckin'"...can't hate that.)

Also sharing my birthday:
Donovan (1946)...wild about saffron
Sly Dunbar (1952) ...of the Family Stone?
Dave Mason (1947)...of Traffic
Sid Vicious (1957)...that's more like it
Paul Hewson aka "Bono" (1960)...I ROCK!!!


At 3:45 PM, Anonymous scd said...

A-ha! Just noticed that this is the #1 single in the UK, which explains a lot.

My #1 album is the K-tel "Disco Fever" compilation. Go figure. Birthdays include old Blue Eyes, Connie Francis, and Dionne Warwick.

That's what friends are for, indeed.


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