Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Heavy Construction

On a recent day off with the Monkey, we walked 4 blocks to the public library. My mom was a librarian, and I spent many a youthful hour in the children's section. So I guess you could say I'm partial.

On that short trip, we saw no fewer than 4 construction projects: (1) the major excavation/construction illustrated below, (2) a road resurfacing project, (3) some underground gas line work, and (4) construction of a playground/tot-lot in the area.

A friend's young son is heavily into airplanes. But his father is a pilot, and they made a point to get him interested. I always wondered if they were leading him along. And maybe I am leading the Monkey on through my mild interest in engineering and construction equipment.

But maybe part of it is the environment he lives in, too.

Below are a few random pieces of contruction equipment from the neighborhood.

It's like living in a freaking Richard Scarry book. What do people do all day, indeed?

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