Monday, May 14, 2007

It's all about the head

When we tell the Monkey about some new danger, he usually signals to us that he understands by patting his head. Sometimes he pats his head and says "ouch."

He is miming a repeated sequence from his own life experience, one where he falls down and hurts his head.

Point to the street? Pats his head. ("Cars could come by and give you a big ouchie!")
Warn him away from climbing the bookcase? Pats his head. ("The whole thing could come tumbling down on top of you.")
Reprimand him from the light socket? Pats his head. ("No electrical cords.")
Seeing a scooter? Pats his head. (I never had to say a thing; it probably reminds him of the notorious skateboard incident of two weeks ago.)

You get the idea.

Today in the grocery store, we saw a kid with a bike helmet that probably rode there on the back of his dad's bicycle. (The weather has been gorgeous lately.) Nico saw him, instantly divined the helmet's purpose, and patted his head.

I worry that if we get him a helmet, we will undo a year's worth of safety awareness. Oh, the paradoxes of parenting...

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