Sunday, April 29, 2007

It's on.

I remember a few years back, about to start a meeting at work. A colleague burst in and said "My daughter used the potty for the first time today!" Everyone in the meeting room ceased their conversations and said "Yay!" and applauded.

Even though I had no prospect of being a parent anytime soon, apparently the need for positive potty reinforcement is universal.

For the Monkey, the time is now.

Yesterday, we let him pick out his own potty from the store. At home, I took it out of the box and let him carry it around the house. But today it was down to business.

For his normal pre-bath time urination, instead of standing him up on the grown-up toilet seat and hoping his aim is good, I sat him down on the potty. #1.

It's on.

No pressure, though. Maybe we will encourage him to use it once in the morning before the first diaper, and once in the evening before bath. But there will come a day when he asks to use it. And that day will be called "a very good day indeed."

(May the Monkey forgive me for doing exactly what I didn't want to do.)



At 9:40 PM, Anonymous Adam said...

I want to start crying just thinking about it...


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