Sunday, April 22, 2007

Nashville Cats

It was great to visit with my friends in the city of my alma mater. Even though the weekend went virtually unplanned until the day before our arrival, there was plenty to do; and even though a 4-day weekend is a fair stretch of time, we could have used more time with good friends; and even though we covered a fair bit of ground, it was impossible to show the Monkey Mama the city I love in the depth that 10 years of connections brings.

I was presented with a new challenge. I am accustomed to "managing" the Monkey's naps, so that he gets the rest and relaxation he needs while we get to move through the day's agenda. And we managed his nap relatively well Friday. What I didn't count on was that the Monkey Mama (now with Baby August on board) needed a nap, too. So instead of touring with the family and showing them some favorite places and friends, I was home alone with a lively Monkey while the Monkey Mama caught some Z's.

A sign of things to come?


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