Sunday, July 22, 2007

It tickles!

I finally got around to restoring the phone outlets in the house. Mostly they've been down since the kitchen remodel of 2003; they took another hit in early 2006 when a significant wire was inadvertently severed while we installed new hardwood flooring. And since we're relocating the office to the top floor, it would be nice to have a phone and DSL router in easy reach of the computer.

While the Monkey (and Monkey Mama) napped yesterday I got to work.

Everything was going well, except for the fact that I elected to use hand tools instead of power tools to preserve everyone else's slumber. I even used an old hand drill that belonged to my grandfather. (Power drills work so, so much better.) I fished some wire through the wall and down into the basement, where I set to making connections in earnest.

The thing about low-voltage wiring is that the wires are so slender that my wire stripper can't strip them without cutting them. I found that my teeth worked very well. Until I found that the last wire I stripped was a live 20 volts.

It tickles!



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