Thursday, July 05, 2007

A skinned knee

The Monkey has a skinned knee: a real classic of the genre. It's a beaut.

He got it from running, then tripping, then falling down directly onto his right knee. A thread of bright red blood welled up in the up-and-down running central scrape, but there were dirty abrasions all around.

Yesterday, he was sitting on a cardboard box, pretending to ride it a like a horsie. The box buckled, sending the Monkey onto his back...but not onto his head. His back and neck muscles were strong enough to keep him from a shrewd knock on the back of the noggin.

Long time readers of the blog might remember that the Monkey often equates falling down with bumping his head. After his fall from the cardboard box, he was a little upset...but I reminded him that he didn't bump his head after all. I told him how he used to fall down and bump his head all the time, but now he his all grown up and only falls down and skins his knee.

Soon he'll be all grown up and barely fall down at all.

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