Tuesday, January 29, 2008

"It's a chicken!"

My daughter and I were home alone today while the Boy and Ma Chere were out at music class.  Her basic needs were met.  And although the weather  outside was little chilly, the temperatures weren't  too bad and we always  get sun on our front stoop.  So I threw a hat on her and walked  out the front door. 

Maybe she could have  used a coat, but when you're hanging with dad, you get exposure to the outside world...and outside  temperatures.

Just then, Ma Chere and  the Boy pulled up and walked  up the stoop.  The  Boy made it  half way up, and then decided to walk out onto our patch of  pre-rowhouse  grass to indulge his idea of yard work.  This involved brandishing the hose at some point.   It nearly involved grabbing the 240v service line where  it  enters our house from the power meter.

And suddenly, it involved picking up a dead  housesparrow that one of the neighborhood  cats had  left in our yard, brandishing it at  us, and  yelling "It's a chicken!   It's a chicken!"

Since I  was in stocking feet and  holding our baby, I was glad to let Ma Chere take care of  this  situation.


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