Thursday, May 29, 2008


For those keeping track, this week Blueberry has had a couple of exciting developments:

* She said 'Mama.' And not just in a babbling way, this had real urgency. Ma Chere had just returned home from work, to the excietement and delight of Blueberry. When she ducked back into the house to change from her professional attire into something a little more appropriate for drool, Blueberry cried out 'Mama!' and lunged after her.

* Blueberry crawled. Within the same week, Ma Chere, our nanny, and I each independently observed intentional, forward, alternating crawling. In my observation, I observed her make three crawl-steps towards the cat. Which she grabbed. So I interposed my hand over her clutching fist. The cat bit my hand. The dog barked at the cat. The cat hissed at the dog. The dog chased the cat under a chair. Hiss. Bark. Blueberry looked interested.

* She is starting to put away the food. Doesn't like bananas. Likes avocados. Is kind of 'hmm' on yams...but will put away some serious yam when she's hungry. (And I'm like, "Yamn!") Thinks pressure-cooked pears are a'ight.

We'll get the rice cereal going soon, to supplement her iron. I suppose we could give her lentils for that reason, but it's hard to believe she would like them.

She's really good at picking up small grains (like quinoa) with her precise little fingers...and then darting them into her mouth. In fact, she's pretty good at picking up lots of small choky things with her fingers and darting them into her mouth.
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