Thursday, June 05, 2008


The DCist website has a recurring feature called 'Overheard in DC' posting eavesdropped snippets overheard in the DC area. (The best one was, for the 'crackers' reference but especially the 'Barbie' reference.)

With a hat tip to this feaure, I'll relate a conversation I overheard near the birdbath-and-statue section at Behnke's garden center:

Man: Do you want a gargoyle?
Woman: No.

Incidentally, we bought vinca and alyssum, and a particulary healthy specimen of the 'Big Daddy' hydrangea cultivar.
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Taking the liberty of blogging about blogging for a second, I read this article with interest:

Is This Tantrum on the Record?
The ground rules for writing about your kids.
By Emily Bazelon

I sometimes think about the need for anonymity for my children as I write what amounts to a parenting blog. My stance has been to do so anonymously with no pictures. (Well, maybe a few exceptions.)

Reading this article affirmed my approach. Its author writes about her kids, but not anonymously, and she has a lot of angles on how this might be a problem. I think my post frequency has gone down over the last year or so in part because our little Monkeyman turns 3 in a few days, and has developed his own that he needn't share with all the good people on the World Wide Web.
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