Monday, July 28, 2008


Let me turn the mic over to Ma Chere for a quick story about Boom's birthday:
Hey [A. & T.],

We told you that [Boom] had a nice 3rd birthday celebration with Mom, Dad, [Blueberry], and [Our wonderful caregiver]. But I don't think we had a chance to tell you that the birthday got even better.

[Our wonderful caregiver] got him a Tonka Truck Fire Engine, which he loves. Coincidentally, the day after his birthday a large fire engine pulled up in front of the house. [Boom] and I (with new fire engine in hand) sat on our stoop comparing the parts on toy engine with the features on the big fire engine. [Boom] was beside himself...or so I thought.

He got even more excited when the fire fighter got out of his truck, walked up our stoop (big guy too), and introduced himself by shaking [Boom's] hand. Then the firefighter asked if [Boom] wanted to take a ride in the fire truck. Without hesitation, [Boom] gave a booming YES!

So birthday boy and I climbed in back of the large truck and the firefighter drove around the neighborhood with sirens screaming and the horn honking--a dream come true for our little guy.

[Ma Chere]

Day of the Perfectly Dry Diaper

It's coming. It's coming very soon. It's already 90% here. That's really good.

As a parent of a lad in potty training, I am getting really caught up in the affirmations. Is it really the best thing ever? Is this setting a precedent for every future affirmation? (Will I say "Great job getting married! High five!" like he just went poo in a convenient place?)

As always, blogging about potty training (1) is something I never wanted to do, (2) is probably ethically suspect, and (3) one of the reasons to blog anonymously about your children.