Friday, December 16, 2005

Monkey Doctor

We took you-know-who to the Monkey Doctor for a routine check-up. All is well. He took a couple more vaccinations, which had him feeling low for a day or two. Fever, aches, and some other incidentals of a well-functioning immune system. His discomfort took a little more caring, but the longer naps (= free time for Monkey Daddy) more than made up for it. Poor little Monkey.

The Monkey Doctor -- who is a wonderful pediatrician, operating a private practice from her home in Georgetown -- adores the Monkey. She notes that the Greeks call their exceptionally large lima beans "gigantes." Since the Monkey is exceptionally large for his age, she calls him a "Gigante." Which kind of brings it full circle, because our prenatal nickname for Monkey was "Bean." We called him that since Week 8 of the pregnancy, when he was the same size as a lima bean.

Speaking of large, I'll try to upload a picture of his weight growth chart. The pale blue indicates the range of 95% of U.S. male children. At 10 pounds, he was born in the 99th weight percentile; he is now bigger than 19 of 20 children his age. Why am I endlessly fascinated by this?


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