Monday, July 17, 2006

Poobah Pow-wow

I swapped work days with the Monkey Mama so that I could attend a meeting with some poobahs downtown. It was interesting. And apparently one of the big projects that my team at work is getting underway is in near-perfect synchronicity with an even bigger initiative across nearly all departments of the federal government. So that's good timing, and there will be an audience for what we produce. But the stakes have been raised: poobahs don't like to wait, and they don't like to settle for inferior quality product. I always get a little nervous at these types of meetings: the tendency to overpromise at a meeting is always there. But you've got to make a splash, right? Anyway, there were at least two layers of poobah between me and the head honcho poobah, so I mostly kept my mouth shut.

I definitely don't mind working: it's pretty fun to be working on a challenging project that might have an impact.


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