Tuesday, May 15, 2007


OK, I've been to two other branches of the DC library in the past two weeks, and I've never been less proud to call Petworth my home. Even under renovation, the Mt. Pleasant branch is a much, much better library than the Petworth branch. And the Cleveland Park branch was pretty nice, too.

In short, the Petworth library has very few books I want to read, and a very weak children's department.

Other than that shocking revelation, I enjoyed my morning of Monkey-Daddy Day (Tuesdays, when I stay home with him). We read a lot of books, explored the library, and saw a steamroller and asphalt paver laying down a new surface on 16th Street...moments after reading a picture book about building a new road! (I pride myself on connecting the dots for the little guy.) The resulting traffic was less than jolly, and I just managed to get some lunch in the boy before he fell asleep.

While he napped for 2-and-a-half hours, I got some sound work done on the patio I am constructing in the backyard.

I also gave him a haircut this morning. I think it's my best one ever.

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